Restream Review

Early on in streaming I had discovered, a multi-streaming service. The service advertises itself as The Best way to stream live video to 30+ platforms simultaneously for free, and it may very well be right.

I had found Restream when I first started streaming, used the service once or twice, but discovered that the video quality was better if I. I decided to give Restream a second shot, when I decided that I wanted to try streaming to 3 platforms at once (Mixer, Twitch and Facebook) and see which platform I would get the most views on.

While you are completely able to broadcast to multiple services at once via your own service, Restream takes all the hassle out of it. While streaming to up to 3 channels at once is free, there are several paid packages that come with their own perks.

Paying Yearly, billed as one payment, will save you 17%, over monthly payments.

Thus, for just $16 a month, you can have the option to stream to 30+ platforms, the option to stream to Facebook, stream to two different channels on one platform and real-time platform and channel toggling.

For just $41 month you can stream to 3 Facebook Channels, get 3 doubled channels and no Restream branding. However, I wish that that no Restream branding would be offered in the Standard package.

Add-Ons include a Transcoding ($2 an hour), where your stream will be optimized for each of the platforms it is being sent too. 

There is another set of plans for Businesses as well.

The only reason I stopped using Restream was due to becoming a Twitch Affiliate, which granted Twitch exclusivity to all of my broadcasts on Twitch for a period of 24 hours. However, I would definitely recommend Restream for all of your multi-streaming needs! The price may be a little steep, but the output quality and customer service is excellent.