Gaining Viewers

One of the most frequently asked questions I see posted by new and upcoming streamers is how to gain more viewers while streaming and I have to be honest, there is only one answer that I know is correct: Consistency.


One of the most important rules to follow while streaming is being consist. Form a schedule and stick to it. Post the schedule in your channel’s info section and possibly even in your Social Media bio sections. This allows viewers to know when you’re going to be live and is honestly the most important part of finding an audience.

If people are unsure when you are going to be online, or if you’re even going to ever stream again, of course they are more unlikely to follow you.

Over time the relationships you make with viewers will turn into friendships and perhaps they’ll even invite their friends to come watch your stream. 

Interact with Viewers

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to remember to interact with viewers. Make them feel welcome and included. This will retain viewers, who will likely then follow you.

Consider utilizing the Interactive features of Mixer. 

Play a party game such as Jack Box Party Pack or Choice Chamber. These are a great way to retain viewers and keep them active within your streams. Please note that some of these games include features/settings for Twitch/Mixer, and that you will want to check everything is best optimized for your stream.

Community Outreach

While streaming is important to growing your stream, you also need to reach out and get your name out there. Showing your face in other streams is equally as important and you will make tons friends doing so.

Much like your favorite streamers, create social media accounts for your stream. Participate in conversations elsewhere on the internet.